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Flat roofing is a popular option, especially for commercial properties in Chino. Flat roofs are strong and economical, and a properly installed flat roof can last for decades. However, every roof needs to be cared for and maintained. Here are five problems to watch for in your commercial roof. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 877-257-5003

Roof Leaks

Moisture seepage and roof leaks can be a problem for flat roofs. Flat roofs don’t drain water as quickly as a sloped roof, so even small flaws in materials or workmanship can quickly cause problems.  These problems are commonly found at seams or around flashing.  If you see any signs of leaks or moisture, contact a roofing company immediately.

Ponding Water

Ponding can occur if a flat roof isn’t properly drained. Ponding happens when water isn’t properly moving off your roof. Ponding can cause serious long-term problems, especially in the case of a storm or heavy rainfall. If ponding occurs, make sure the roof is professionally inspected to identify the cause. Make sure all drains are clear and that all HVAC units have condensation drains. If the problem still occurs, contact a qualified flat roofing company immediately.

Improper Repairs

Using the wrong material to repair a roof can cause serious issues. This is especially common when building owners attempt to make repairs themselves or if the repairs were not made by a qualified roofer. Different roofing types have different types of materials that must be used when making repairs. The manufacturer’s instructions should always be carefully followed when making roof repairs. If you question any of the repairs on your roof, call a qualified local roofing company to confirm whether or not the repairs were done correctly.


Blistering or alligatoring occurs when small bubbles of moisture or air are trapped under a roofing membrane. Minor blistering only requires minimal repairs, especially if it doesn’t occur in a lap joint. However, large or excessive blisters may be a sign that the roof needs serious repairs or even needs to be completely replaced.

Blow-offs, Tenting, Flashing Damage

Whether the result of poor flashing, improper fastening, or even natural shrinkage over time, your roof may suffer from blow-offs and tenting. These serious problems can be prevented by regular inspections and flashing repairs when needed.

No Matter what issues occur, make sure you have a reliable roofing contractor. Royal Roof Co. has been in business since 1981 and would like to help you with your roofing needs. If you are in Chino or the Pomona Valley, give us a call at 877-257-5003 or contact us online. For a full list of our service areas, visit our  Areas Served page.

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