Tile Roofing For Pomona Valley

A highly popular type of roofing in West Covina and the Los Angeles area is tile. Tile roofing is made from clay or concrete and has many advantages, such as longevity, easy maintenance, and classic aesthetics. Tile roofing also maintains its color very well throughout its lifetime, making it an even more popular choice of roofing material.

Tile Roofing is durable and stylish

Stylish Look

Tile is one of the most distinctive looking roofing materials currently on the market. Made from either concrete or clay, roofing tiles can co-ordinate with any style of home or architecture. Roofing tile adds curb appeal and value to your home.


Roofing tiles are weighty and sturdy enough to resist wind damage, and they are naturally fire resistant. Tile roofing also guards well against hail damage. Tile roofing requires little maintenance and can last for years.

Comfort and Sustainability

Tile roofing acts as an effective natural insulator. It works to shield your home from the most powerful rays of sunlight, and can also conserve warmth during cooler weather. Tile is especially popular in hotter climates because it holds up so well against heat and sun.

Overall, tile is a popular and enduring choice for your roof. Royal Roof Co does extensive work with tile and would love to work with you to find the perfect material for your roof, tile or otherwise. We are a Pomona based company serving the greater Los Angeles area. Give us a call at 877-257-5003 today, or send us a message from our contact page.

Tile Roofing Products

Boral Roofing Clay and Concrete Tile

Boral Roofing® Clay and Concrete Tile

Boral Roofing® offers clay and concrete roofing tiles that offer exciting upgrades for your home in appearance, durability, and energy efficiency. Learn More...

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