Greater Los Angeles Roofing: Basic Components

Even though we spend so much time under a roof, a lot of people probably don't know much about them. If you’re in Ontario or surrounding areas and you're having issues with your residential or commercial roof, or if you just want to know more about the basics of roofing, this guide can help educate you about your roof.

Roofing Components

Roofing Structure
Trusses and rafters of your home that support the roof decking.

Decking or Sheathing
Boards attached to the rafters to cover your home.

A waterproof layer that covers the roof decking.

Roof Covering
This makes up the outer layer of your roof. It can be shingles, tiles, metal, or slate.

Roof Flashing
Metal strips, or other material, used to cover joints and seams to prevent leaks. It is often installed around chimneys, vents and pipes, as well as along the edge of the roof.

Drainage System
Gutters, downspouts, and any design features that allow your roof to shed water.

Also, make sure to view our interactive Integrity Roof System. Check out our resources below, and give us a call at 877-257-5003 or contact us online today. Free estimates in the Ontario area.


  • Residential Products: Learn more about what roofing materials are available in your area, and what the strengths are of each product.

  • Design Tools: Try out new looks and color combinations; you can even upload a picture of your own home!

  • Integrity Roof System: An interactive guide to the parts of your roof.

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