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When searching for a roofing company to perform roof repairs, it is of vital importance to contact a professional roofing company that is licensed, bonded and insured. Royal Roof Co., is a locally owned and operated Pomona roofing business that has been serving the communities of San Gabriel-Pomona Valley, Los Angeles County, Northern Orange County, Inland Empire, Western Riverside, and Western San Bernardino County since 1981.Roof repair by Royal Roof Co. We are a staple in the community and truly appreciate the legions of loyal customers we've met over the years. Click Here for a complete list of our service areas.

Extreme weather and age can take its toll on the exterior of homes and businesses, especially the roof. Once water or extreme heat damages the roof decking, soffits & eaves and flashing, it's time to remove the old, inspect the damage, and replace with new. The sooner the problem is diagnosed, the better. Typical signs of roof damage include blistering, brittleness, breaking, cracking, curling of shingles and leaks. Starting with new layers as opposed to adding more assures the amount of radiant heat can be handled by your attic ventilation. Increasing layers, thus increasing this heat, would challenge the efficiency of the often under-vented attic in the first place, making it harder (and more expensive) overall to cool your home.

Want to learn more about roof care? Make sure to visit our blog. Fill out our online form for a free roof inspection or call us at 877-257-5003. We're happy to help diagnose problems and offer our professional suggestions to solve them.

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